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Haruko! :)

Oct. 19th, 2014

Hei 2
WTH Tumblr people. I'm not going to get that cosplay of Yin out of my head now. What's wrong with you people? Destroying her innocence like that. IT's JUST WRONG! Not to mention it's just not in her personality.

Please use cuts. for crap like that!

Oct. 17th, 2014

Gackt sexy 2
Halloween in Japan is just another cosplay day. :)


Gackt pic spam. Benches

Inspired by my friend who had a dream of a guy sitting on a bench on an autumn day.
I was seriously joking that it had to be G-san, becase there are many images of him on a bench. Heck I can do a pic spam.
I was series, Alison. It was G. ;)

 photo Gackt1807.jpg

Onward to the spam.
Gackt sitting on BenchesCollapse )

Oct. 6th, 2014

I don't know if it's just my version of my own LJ pages, but whenever I comment and selected a different user pic to someone now, it reverts back to my default icon when I hit the post button. Anyone else having this problem?

*Stop with the changes LJ. You're messing up a good thing*

TarO&JirO / Snake Bite ~ Silent Siren

Kind of like them... Their English is fairly good too.

Not for sure certain, but I think they got their start street performing. Lots of videos out there of them doing that.



Damn, I'm really hating this. Why do all my favorite bands keep doing this? :(

DEATHGAZE: Indefinite Hiatus


Oct. 1st, 2014

It has it's similarities to Sakura Chiru and the others (his way of linking the songs together), yes, still a beautiful song. Love the piano. Still hate the wig so much. I need a live performance of this without the wig. (I don't know the Moon Saga story, but I'm guessing he's representing being older here).

Thank you Tenshin for the video :)

[PV] GACKT - Akatsukizukuyo - Day Breakers by Tenshin26100

This song is available (an orchestra version too) to download on iTunes along with the Moon Saga Soundtrack.

Here's his commentary (In English) on FB about the new song.

Okay, before people complain about the same settings as the other two PV's, you have to keep in mind, G is telling a story and all these songs are linked together (Moon Saga story - along with Sakura Chiru ) to tell that story. It's done on purpose, not because he's running out of ideas, but the setting let's you know it is all linked with differences in the scenery (for the seasons). Leaves in Hakuro, sakuras in Setsugekka and this one he seems to emphasize more on the light from the candles than the others.

Setsugekka is the best out of all of them though, and not just because my Despa (tsukasa)and Duel Jewel (shun) men are in it. ;)


Sep. 29th, 2014

Hei 2
Damn. Another anime spoiled. What is wrong with people?

I try not to pay attention, but still, one sneaks in.