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Haruko! :)

Nov. 22nd, 2015

This is all I ever see any more when I want to watch a video.

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I hate copy rights. Makes it so damn hard to be an international fan.

Funny thing is, the album is available to download on iTunes. Hee hee. Go figure.

Sony, get off your High Horse and just give a little more. How's watching a video going to hurt your sales. It will help them. Just because I live an another Country, doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to watch something that someone else is able to. Especially, since I can buy the album.

Nov. 14th, 2015

My heart goes out to everyone in Paris, especially any of my friends there or who have loved ones there.

Stay strong! We are there for you.

Oct. 8th, 2015

Lynch's New Album Dark is available for downloading on iTunes.

If you like their not so heavy side try:
*Ghost (Fun beat)
*Eternity (ballad)
*Fallen (Love this song!)
*Melancholic (Kinda feels like a fill in song to me)
*Moon (A little on the heavy side. A little)

If you like their heavy side:
*Illuminate (I really like this one - not sure I want to put it here because it's not as heavy as beast, but because of some spots I am. Started off like a Malice Mizer tune)
*Beast (Heaviest song I think on the album. Great J-Ba song ;)
*Invader (Short but full off adrenaline)


Sep. 26th, 2015

While on a Halestorm kick, I found this song.


Sep. 16th, 2015

They're making an English album for the American market. This will be interesting. Don't think it will be too different since a lot of their music is in English to begin with.


[reposted post] [news] GACKT x Nestle Japan

GACKT appeared at Nescafe Harajuku to promote the release of a new Dolce Gusto machine and to also be the first customer of a limited “Future Cafe”, where robots and drones help make coffee. It’s a two minute walk from the Takeshita Street exit at Harajuku station and is open from September 16th to 23rd.

There has been many, many, many articles about the press conference and they all say slightly different things…

In Tokyo today, musician GACKT appeared at the release event for for the new coffee machine ‘Nescafe Dolce Gusto’. He made the surprising confession that “Until five years ago, I was unable to drink coffee”.

GACKT had the impression that coffee was “An adult’s drink”. During a stay in France, GACKT thought that “All of the people in town drinking coffee were cool, so everyday I practiced drinking coffee.” The reason why he couldn’t drink coffee was because he “hadn’t found a truly delicious coffee”, so he thoroughly researched the drink. As for now, GACKT said that “my coffee is the best”, as he has become able to have pride in his own skill.

The first drink each morning is coffee. When asked the question “What if a person you loved made coffee for you?”, GACKT replied with a sigh “A girl like that would make me happy. But, it’s really hard to find anyone.”

Source - Sankei

Here's a video from the event.

Under the cut are many photos, sorry to your internet connection!

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GACKT’s appearance at the event today is part of a much wider deal with Nestle Japan. The details of GACKT’s contract with Nestle Japan were revealed today.

As well as the second season of Game Centre, there are four other things.

1) GACKT will star in “Dancing Great Advertising Meeting Season II” [Odoru Daisenten Kaigi], due to air in October - this was previously announced when GACKT was in Kobe earlier this year for the live Game Center
2) A GACKT song and the accompanying video will be used as the image song of Dolce Gusto “DROP” around the end of November
3) A free download of one song from GACKT’s forthcoming album, currently scheduled for release in March next year, will be available to Nescafe members from late November.
4) Nestle Japan will support GACKT’s tour of Japan, the LAST VISUALIVE, which starts in March next year.

Other collaborations are to be expected too.

Source - GACKT Facebook

Photo sources - Diet Club / Dwango / J-cast / Model Press / News Lounge / Nikkan Sports / Oricon / RBB Today / Rensai.jp / Sankei / Tech Insight / Travel Watch / Walker Plus

So the album should be out around the time the tour starts? Yeah, let's see how that works out :D

GACKT seemed a little uncertain of Pepper...

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