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Hello! Welcome to A Heart is not Black.

A Journal for my Fandom in which I fan girl over...

♥ __ ♥ Gackt ♥ Hei ♥ Hizumi ♥ and J-Rock ♥ __ ♥

...with everything it takes to Spread the LOVE!

If you want to smile, Friend Me!
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My Journal is mostly friends locked (Meaning there are many things I share with just friends or posts I'll keep un-locked for a given amount of time before I'll friends lock it). Please leave a message here or PM me if you would like me to friend you back.
I will generally friend you back, unless:

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1. You have nothing in your journal, and I do not know you from another community or site.
2. Your journal is in another language with no English. Although I have taking four and a half years of Spanish, I have pretty much forgotten everything I learned as my memory is so short term and has since decided to make room for other information (I could never hold a conversation anyway).
3. I have nothing in common with you. However, that would hardly be the case since you're friending me.
4. I missed you friending me. Mainly that happens when I get a lot of comments in a row (which doesn't happen often).

If you friended me, and I didn't friend you back and you would like me to, leave me a message here or PM me. Please include a reason as to why. If you don't appear to show any interest, I won't friend you back.

Personal posts will be friends locked, but if you would like to know a little about me, please visit my user profile.


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Enjoy and don’t forget to smile!!

Haruko! :)

16 years - Pic Spam

So yesterday marked 16 years since the Easter live and the start of GACKT's solo career.
 photo Gackt Mizerable7.jpg
We need to celebrate!!
I would had yesterday, but I was busy at work and then went to another concert.

16 years of our beloved, awesome, beautiful, adorkable, smiling, talented, sexy G-sama...
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 photo froufrou2001img450x6001ng4.jpg

 photo Love8tv sc 3.jpg

 photo Nemuri D SC1.jpg

 photo 4.jpg

And since photobucket made changes, and I can't figure out how to share multiple pictures at once anymore (loved that feature), enjoy this story scroll show instead. Sorry, I can't copy 250 images one at a time.

or if you would rather a slide show.

Side note: Photobucket, I hate you now. I guess it doesn't matter anymore, since no ones here to view them anymore anyway. Guess it's a good excuse to stop the large spams.
Video is out now (Feature Taka from One OK Rock). Against the Current is from New York.


Apr. 3rd, 2015

I was more excited about the image than to hear that there's going to be a DJ remix album of G's music.

WT... =__=


And LJ, if combined/cleaned sexy images of G can't get friends back, your new idea wont.
Just saying... Try harder.

@___@ @___@ @___@

There's a shirtless image too. Why do I love this one the most? @__@

 photo 1462689_original.jpg

More Calendar images at ohgacktyoudidnt here Wall & Desk