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Hello! Welcome to A Heart is not Black.

A Journal for my Fandom in which I fan girl over...

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...with everything it takes to Spread the LOVE!

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My Journal is mostly friends locked (Meaning there are many things I share with just friends or posts I'll keep un-locked for a given amount of time before I'll friends lock it). Please leave a message here or PM me if you would like me to friend you back.
I will generally friend you back, unless:

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1. You have nothing in your journal, and I do not know you from another community or site.
2. Your journal is in another language with no English. Although I have taking four and a half years of Spanish, I have pretty much forgotten everything I learned as my memory is so short term and has since decided to make room for other information (I could never hold a conversation anyway).
3. I have nothing in common with you. However, that would hardly be the case since you're friending me.
4. I missed you friending me. Mainly that happens when I get a lot of comments in a row (which doesn't happen often).

If you friended me, and I didn't friend you back and you would like me to, leave me a message here or PM me. Please include a reason as to why. If you don't appear to show any interest, I won't friend you back.

Personal posts will be friends locked, but if you would like to know a little about me, please visit my user profile.


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Enjoy and don’t forget to smile!!

Haruko! :)
Ever since FB posted this group on my page, I've been in LOve.
My favorite new band (next to Halestorm).
LoVe this song. Piano, Violin and guitar. LoVE!!

Dark Snow

Behind in my music again.

They still got it. But I still prefer their earlier recordings.

So yes, the movie steered away from the anime a bit, but this is based on a part of the series that the Anime never really touched on, and I always felt was confusing. This tapped into the Major's earlier part of her life, and was a lot easier for me to understand.

Regardless of the changes, I felt is was a really good movie (Way better than DBZ and some other of Hollywood's flops). I recommend seeing it, but keep your minds open to a few changes.

And I think Scarlet portrays the Major very well.

Note: Movies never reflect the anime 100%. Even when Asian films have done them (Look at Attack on Titan).
After going through 30 videos, half I couldn't watch in my country (that pisses me off), this was the only band that caught my eye. I see potential in them.

Why Dopedown though? Couldn't they come up with a better name?

Been trying to catch up on things since I'm not spending so much time at the Dr.'s anymore. I've watched so much anime.

Actually, more time at the Eye Vet for Sandie. I'll post an update later.
I'm either a sucker for a violin or Lizzy Hale's voice. Perhaps it's both.

Lindsey is very good. A little Irish dancing.

My Fandom

Gackt is life!!
Darker than Black rules!!
Hei/Misaki shipper!!
Hizumi Rocks!!