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Haruko! :)

Aug. 31st, 2015

How you can tell someone watched the English version of Darker Than Black and not the Japanese at all.

Hei's a foreign exchange student from China? (They never mention China in the English version. Just that he moved to the city.)

Misaki's voice is annoying ( I read this too often and just want to tell them to listen to the Japanese version for a little while - just listen if you don't like reading subtitles).

Misaki's name is pronounced wrong: They say Misiki instead of MisAki (Very annoying).

What Pizza HUT ads ?? ( Funimation did miss a few ads)

Hei just doesn't wear that coat for a fashion statement it's bullet proof ' vs correct 'When he wears the coat, it becomes bullet proof (Big difference, because you realize that bullets bouncing off his coat are because of his power somehow - Yes, they bounce off people. It's not Kevlar).

They don't know Bai's real name is Xing.


There's a lot more, but those are what stand out the most for me without re-watching it again.

A Guide to Admitting You Love Her

Story from loremipsxm on Fanfiction Read by Major victory from Tumblr.

Aug. 24th, 2015

Somehow I missed this. I need to visit more J-rock pages.
Plus, I'm not into this band much anymore (though I still like KHz a lot).
But I do like this one

Here's their new one. It's okay.

Arrow Preview at Kenshin Festival

There's a longer version that you can listen to over at OGYD here

I don't know, but I may have just lost my hopes.

I'll have to hear more of course


Aug. 21st, 2015

Gackt has a new single coming out in October called Arrow.
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I have high hopes for this one. I need another single that will hit me like White Lovers did. Whether soft or slow, I need it G. I need it!


Aug. 21st, 2015

OMG. I love rock Ballads. Love them!! :)
So beautiful! (The video, song and man)


Wagakki Band

Attack on Titan swords in the video.

GUILTY - lynch.

Just a heads up - The evoke single is available on iTunes to download. Three great songs. BOUGHT :)

Can I just say Yum to this gif. @__@

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